Identify candidates to send to Bible College and send as missionaries to explore and plant church branches and evangelization points. Organize camps and Missionary Trips within Canada and outside; work for the church expansion (in Canada and overseas).

Evangelization & Discipleship

Do the Firefox Operation (Invading the camp of the enemy with fire and bring souls to Christ). Winning souls and designing the different ways to invite new people to the church. Stimulating sensitization and mobilization for church events. Organize church evangelical activities. In church, to give Discipleship classes to those who gave their lives to Christ and coordinate baptismal services.

Home Cells & Follow up

Follow-up on church members and their frequency in church (calling them, praying with them, visiting them). Reassemble and increase in the Home cells designed according to areas. Organize visits and meet with the leaders in charge of the Home cells and the members to encourage and bring them assistance; and to spread the Gospel in the neighbourhoods and strengthen fellowship.

Outreach & Charity Ministry

Organizes social activities of the church outside, especially to the needy people. Locate prisons, hospitals and hospices and identify needs so that the church can assist the needy, in collaboration with food banks and other services., and assign a chaplain for each task.

Bookstore and Publications

To display and sell books, reviews, brochures and CDs/DVDs of Divine Grace Gathering and partners; and different Christian publications.