Worship team

To lead the church services through praise and worship, and involve all the congregation in those solemn and blissful moments. To make different services alive, through undiluted worship. Bring innovations in songs and teaching to the congregation in order to make everyone participate. To make sure every service is covered musically and ensure the proper functioning of every service and spiritual and artistic growth of every member.

Service Facilitators (Host, Prayer Leaders, Interpreters)

To facilitate the smooth flow of the services through hosting, leading prayer, and translating the message. The HOST greets and welcomes people 2 minutes before the start of the service, and explaining what people should expect, the timing and practical dispositions, then comes after the first part of praise and worship to welcome visitors, remind the vision, give announcements and lead the offering time. He also closes the service through prayer or appoints someone to that task of the day. The PRAYER LEADER comes after to lead the church in a time of intercession to prepare them to the praise and worship moment and opening prayer. The INTERPRETER translates faithfully different phases of the service to put everyone on the same diapason. For each task, a person can be assigned as a team leader. This department depends straight on the Pastor in charge of services.

 Ushers and reckoning service

To facilitate the order during the services through assigning seats to people, attending people’s need and giving orientations, ensuring the smooth flow of offering time and reckoning the money, counting the number of attendances per gender and age (main church and Sunday school). Bring any kind of innovation, efficiency in the work for all the services.

Media (Technical department sound & video)

To assist all service leaders (Worship leaders and Service Facilitators, as well as the preacher) in displaying songs, scriptures, media announcements accordingly. They make different services alive, and interact with the church online (virtual members), together with a pastor online to assist people with prayer, and record all the services. Bring innovations in presentations and make sure every service is covered with media ensure the proper functioning of every service (Cameras, Video cameras, and the Church Social Media Pages). To manage the Social Media pages of the church and manage church instruments.

Intercessors and Deliverance team

To stand in the gap for the church in prayer, and be a spiritual support daily and in every church service. To multiply prayer time and assist the pastoral team in counselling and prayer for members and direct prayer intercession to subjects that affect the needs of the church. They’re also in charge of the intercession services following the annual and monthly plans.

Security and cleaning

To facilitate the order during the services and on the parking, ensuring the smooth and secure coming and going of members, and ensure that people and their belongings are safe, as well as the church staff, and the place left clean. They also protect delegations and special guests who visit the church and make sure they are safe while at church. To bring innovations in presentations and decoration in the church.