Pastor Rhema Divin Ngoy Mwamba is the Overseer and Senior Pastor of Divine Grace Gathering Int’l. He was born in Kolwezi on September 26th, 1985. From a Pastoral family, starting with grand-parents, Pastor Rhema started preaching the Gospel at the age of 5 years old, encouraged by parents, although he took the firm decision to personally give his life to Christ a few years later, on September 22nd, 1994 at Joel Generations Ministries. God uses him with power and accuracy in the prophetic and healing, also in the prophetic worship. Pastor Rhema worked with many churches and has helped many ministries to grow through his gifts of music, teaching and the prophetic word. He has planted many branches and helped in church planting of ministries such as Joel Generation Ministries (Luilu and Mutoshi city branches in Kolwezi), Logos-Rhema (Binza-Ozone), Philadelphia Missionary Center (Gombe kinshasa and Richards bay in RSA)… before planting his own ministry DIVINE GRACE GATHERING Int’l. He has a Doctorate Degree in Theology (ThD) with Mount Olives. He also has a Master’s Degree in International Relations and Economy; 2 Master’s Degrees in Bible Studies and Leadership with Mount Olives Bible Institute & Seminary, and Diplomas in Pastoral Theology (with the Biblical Institute of Assemblies of God, and the Online Bible College Australia), Biblical Hebrew with the Holy Language Institute in Jerusalem and Missiology and Cross-cultural Evangelism with MET/South Africa,

  as well as many diplomas and merits in several other domains such as Human Rights, Environment and Renewable Energy, etc. He’s also a PhD student with California University of Theology. Writer, motivator, preacher and singer, Pastor Rhema has planted the seed of the Gospel in more than twenty countries across the world and still brings it further by the Grace of God.

You’re all welcome to join him in the harvest!


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